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Environments of shelter

Each and every person can be part of and wander through the various Environments of Shelter, according to their individual needs for well-being, their unique circumstances, uncertainties, degrees of involvement, and requisites for accompaniment. Cultivating trust and a sense of belonging — as well as eliminating expulsion as a form of conflict management — mitigates the chances of failure and helps to avoid the usual re-victimization or secondary trauma.


The Cover

Care and healing

The Powerful

Self-protection and strengthening

The Ivy

Community and neighborhood

The Howl

Participation and activism

The Bold

Production and entrepreneurship


Art and creativity


The Cover. Care and healing environment

A space to cover basic needs: hot meals, washing machines and dryers, showers, wardrobes, access to computers and Internet, and a space for accompanied consumption. It’s a place to relax and unwind, with beds and lockers for safe-keeping. Self-care tools for health and well-being are also offered: natural cosmetics, hairdressing, yoga — all accompanied by specialized social and psychological care. Pets are welcome.


The powerful. Self-protection and strengthening environment

A meeting point between allies, which encourages solidarity and mutual support, where experiences, knowledge, and realities can be shared, as well as strategies for survival and protection. It reinforces the ‘Peer to Peer‘ approach that acknowledges womxn as the primary experts in their realities. Legal advice and support are provided, and training is given to help address the many situations of vulnerability: drug information, overdose prevention and management, feminist self-defense, care resources network, among others.


The Ivy Community and neighborhood environment

Community texture and neighborhood alliances are key for these womxn, who participate in and lead initiatives that enrich the neighborhood and unite the diverse realities that inhabit it. Collective and inclusive spaces are built that improve coexistence, break stigmas, and increase feelings of security. The Pa’ella on Fridays has become a weekly meeting place, where womxn can also take part in the radio space and urban art activities.


The Bold. Production and entrepreneurship environment

For those facing challenging job markets, this space is where professional merit is fostered and entrepreneurship and satisfying job opportunities are promoted. Skills are enhanced, self-sufficiency and self-management are bolstered, personal growth is inspired, job opportunities are stimulated, and workplaces with regular and stable incomes, both inside and outside of Metzineres.


The Howl. Participation and activism environment

Activism and the fight against situations of exclusion becoming lingering afflictions; actions of awareness, protests, demonstrations are encouraged. Under the motto "Nothing about us, without us," they attend conferences and seminars, organize informative talks, and participate in the development of policies and plans that — directly or indirectly — condition the realities of womxn and their communities. They work in a network, side by side, with local, national, and international organizations.


ArtiSana. Art and creativity environment

Culture is consumed and produced through fun and creativity: dance, theater, music, photography, painting. Womxn can experiment with multiple artistic expressions in workshops, take part in organizing the neighborhood festivities, enjoy good work, and be part of a multitude of parties. They never say no to a good circus, concert, or show.